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With the coming of androids , things have become a lot easier than they were before. Almost everything is readily available to use without involvement for PC. Times have gone when there used to be strict nine to five timings and the employee was required to sit at one place and do all the work. Now , with the help of different applications the same work can be done anywhere from android phones with more efficiency .

The variety in applications help in every step of business from ideas to designing , from managing to production , from sales to feedback. These applications are helping the firms to increase their productivity and work efficiently easily.

  1. GYST

When you have too many tasks on your plate and you just land up in confusion by messing up all of them. Gyst is your solution then. It makes things organized in a very smooth manner . It fuses the texts , contacts , to do , calendar all at just this one place. You can also mark the important text messages , schedules , meetings and communicate with others. This app will basically prevent you from using various apps for these purposes and will serve as the hub to save your time by making your work easier and organized .


It is a service for storing file ,synchronization and sharing them. It offers a 15GB free plan after its download and paid plans of 100GB , 1TB, 2TB ,10TB etc as optional plans . It also provides a Backup section . Its Quick Access feature predicts the files that user needs quickly. It offers complete suite of data base , word processing and presentations too. Everything is saved and since it is a cloud based app you can easily work on your files and documents from laptop, phone , tablet etc.

It works on both Android and IOS.

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It is an intuitive app which offers multiple function to format and present your data. It is full of different page styles , brush sizes , colors , fonts etc. It allows various sharing options :

    • Upload
    • Export
    • Send to iTunes
    • Import
    • Save to albums

The app is like an open canvas where you can add text, shapes and photos. This app is perfect for people who enjoy hand writing their notes and also find doodles and shapes helpful in note making. Though this app is not free but it’s totally worth it . The price of this app is $2.99.


Drop task is a managing application which is growing day by day in terms of both its features and its customers. This app basically serves the function of effective multitasking. It helps you to allot people with different tasks . Also, you can invite your colleagues to join in with your project . They will them automatically see the next task they need to perform once you have assigned the tasks to everyone. It has a well customizable workflow board which shows what people are expected to do according to the tasks that are assigned. You can invite up to 5 to join your project. It is a free app which works for both android and IOS . It is cloud based app and thus syncs across all devices.


Sales can never be completed without a proper feedback of customers. Similarly , employees who put their all efforts in doing the required work , their remarks , feedbacks , feelings also shape the company’s goodwill. Employees are the assets . This app enables you to know your staff , set them questions to know their feedbacks. To involve them in your strategic decision making you can even send virtual suggestions. All this will result in an improved bonding within the company and a democratic environment.


Pocket application basically allows you to save. What you can save is the question now. So , you can save all kinds of stuff , videos , articles , eBooks etc for offline reading . This app is meant for people who are so busy with their schedules that they cannot watch or read fully each time . With this app , they can easily store it in their pockets and watch whenever they are free. You can also listen to your articles with the option of text to speech. There is unlimited storage on offer too. This app is totally free and works for both Android and IOS.

  1. WAVE

Not every business man or woman can spend their money on hiring an accountant . Well , this app is made specially from the point of view of small contractors , businessman , individuals. It can be used to track your expenses , manage and send invoices , get accounting reports, scan receipts etc. It is a free web based platform for accounts. Though , one cannot get the payroll app outside US or Canada . Also , it works on IOS.


For effective management , good time management is also very important .It is both timer and stopwatch . One can create and customize multiple timers which can run simultaneously in case you have many tasks in day. This app will then become very handy. It is a easy to use interface and consists of variety of sounds. Clear Timer is also free and works on IOS .

Now , when you know how to increase productivity and manage your day with ease then what are you waiting for? Download them! You can even purchase the pro versions of these apps which are not free totally , coz they all are worth it.

Updated: March 2, 2018 — 5:03 am

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